How to Get a PANTHER to Swim Faster!

This week, we are going to take a quick break from our Toe series and discuss my recent weekend travels! Do not worry—our Toe Series and Shoulder Pain will be back NEXT week for Part II. Definitely stay tuned! Let’s get started… Last Friday, I traveled to San Francisco, California hosting a video analysis clinic with The Bay […]

Part II: The Mysteries of Our Toes

Last week we discussed the connection between the Pinky Toe and Shoulder pain through the Spinal (Fascial) Line. This week, we are going to take this subject a step further and discuss the results from our toe tests, how these toe tests can possibly detect shoulder pain, and lastly, how we can alleviate shoulder pain […]

My Pinky Toe is Giving Me Shoulder Pain?

Wait what? Yep, you read that title right. I’ve been stoked to write this series, since I brainstormed it out a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how intricate our bodies are AND how unbelievably connected everything is too. In this series, I plan to explain to you how it is POSSIBLE that our pinky toe can be aiding with […]

Part IV: Butterfly Pull—Don’t Sweep Out, Pull Back

Welcome back, to our last and final segment on the Butterfly stroke. This week, we will discuss the last portion of the stroke—the Butterfly Pull. In this post, we will dissect some of the common errors seen within the pulling pattern, what the proper pulling technique is, and allow YOU to analyze a swimmer’s stroke to […]

Part III: Your Kick is Your Metronome

Welcome back to Part III of our VLOG series on the Butterfly stroke. Last week, we discussed why the second kick in Butterfly is the MOST important. This week, we will discuss kick timing in Butterfly, and why your dolphin kick is really your metronome. Also, we will touch on the pulling pattern in Butterfly, along with some common errors […]