Available Stroke Technique Courses:

1.) FREE DAILY, DRYLAND CLASSES during Pandemic!

Are you stuck in social isolation and can’t swim? It’s driving me bonkers too. I figured I’d give back to the swimming community who has given me SO MUCH, and host an online, dryland class everyday at 1:30PM EST for whoever wants to attend.

All you need is some space in your home, an internet connection, a water bottle, and some running shoes. Let’s use this break to our advantage and come together as a community!

2.) [FREE Course]: Dolphin Kick Mini Course

Did you know 2 out of the 3 things needed for a FAST Dolphin Kick actually have NOTHING to do with the kick itself?

Interested in learning more, enroll in my mini course on the dolphin kick below!

3.) [FREE Course]: Why Rotating in Freestyle may NOT be for you?

Did you know that some of the WORLD’S BEST Swimmers are actually being told NOT to rotate in Freestyle?

If you didn’t, don’t worry–that’s exactly why I created this course. Enroll below to learn more!

4.) How to Swim a FASTER Freestyle in 90-Days

The FIRST step-by-step guide to get you SWIMMING a FASTER Freestyle in 90-Days. This course includes a PROVEN 90-Day Freestyle Technical progression, Instructional Technique Videos, Drill Videos, Bonuses, and more!

5.) Crossfit Swim Course: How to LEVERAGE Your Strength in the Water!

Enroll in the FIRST, online coaching course SPECIFICALLY aimed towards Crossfitters looking to IMPROVE their swimming skills.

In this 35-day course, you will be coached through the basics of swimming to get your Freestyle stroke FASTER for your next Crossfit competition! Included in this course is a 35-day Basic Freestyle Fundamental progression, Instructional Technique Videos, Drill Videos, Bonuses, and more!