4 Swimming Mistakes You Only See Using Underwater Video Analysis

Swim coach Abbie Fish training her athletes.

Underwater Video Analysis is a super power for swim coaches. We can use it to show, rather than tell, our swimmers where their swim technique is out of alignment. But did you know that nearly 60% of swimmers HAVEN’T seen themselves on video? This is a problem for the swimming community as a whole. The […]

The Reason You’re Bored at Swim Practice and How to Fix it!

Being a swimmer means you love the grind. Swimming is not an easy sport. From the early morning practices to weekends away with your team, you have to love the sport of swimming to keep pursuing it. There will be times when you have had enough. Plateaus inevitably happen and remembering your why becomes very […]

5 Facts About Jack Bauerle That Might Surprise You

When I first met Jack Bauerle, I was a high school senior hoping to get recruited to swim at The University of Georgia. After my eventual commitment to swim there, Jack became my coach. I was a young swimmer with big dreams and Jack was a practiced and successful swim coach who took no-nonsense and […]

Who Is Mike Bottom? The Sprint Coach Legend.

What makes a sprint coach legend? Is it the amount of titles a coach produces? Building a sprint program from scratch? Or is it having a lasting, positive impact on your swimmers? For legendary sprint coach Mike Bottom, it’s all of the above. Mike announced his retirement at the end of the 2022-2023 NCAA season […]

4 Drills to Help You Swim a MORE Relaxed Butterfly Stroke!

Welcome Back! I got this question via Instagram on what are some drills to help improve a swimmer’s relaxation during their Butterfly Stroke and I told the person who asked this that I’d do them one better by writing a blog to answer it. Here are my favorite four drills to help swimmers swim a […]

How Can You Swim if You Have Poor Vision?

Besides physical health benefits like building cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, swimming can be an engaging social experience. In fact, a previous post highlights how joining a swim club can promote camaraderie and provide you with the motivation to realize your goals, whether you’re swimming to improve your health or compete professionally. Although these benefits […]

The Deepest Part of the Breaststroke Pull

Welcome Back! We are super excited to be dissecting the Deepest Part of the Breaststroke Pull, as hand depth is something I’ve really been studying and researching recently within the swim strokes. I recently uploaded some pictures to Instagram that I’m excited to build on here to help you better understand the depth of this […]

What Does the Future of Swimming Look Like?

I read this question and immediately was like, I need to write a blog on this because it’s the entire reason I created Swim Like A. Fish. There is no doubt in my mind that we are in a new era of time. Jobs are changing, technology keeps booming, and swimmers keep swimming faster than […]

6 Styles of Swim Kick Techniques

I thought about how the four different styles of swim kick techniques really isn’t a correct statement the other day. And how most coaches would answer the question: How Many Different Kicking Techniques Are There? With four as their answer. But in actuality, there are six. In today’s blog, my plan is to deep dive […]

5 Reasons to Join a Swim Club

Swim coach Abbie and the swim camp team.

A swim club allows you to enjoy the many benefits of swimming, as part of a social activity. So if you think it has to be a solo sport, think again.  Swimming is an enjoyable exercise that gives a total body workout. It builds cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength but is easy on the joints. Swimming […]

Why SOLID Breaststroke Pullouts are Prerequisites For Crossover Turns

There is SO MUCH DISCUSSION on Crossover Turns: when to teach them, which athletes they’re most appropriate for, best drills for teaching them – but one key aspect that’s often overlooked are swimmers’ Breaststroke Pullouts proficiency before learning this turn! Even though, we just launched our Crossover Turn Course doesn’t mean that this turn needs […]

Your Freestyle Flipturn Should Be Winning Your Race

The reality is that many races are won and lost on the walls. Yet, the intimidation of the Freestyle Flipturn causes many swimmers to focus on other parts of their race. Breaking down the Flipturn into 3 parts can help. When it comes down to it, a swimmer needs to carry their speed into the […]