Olympic Weightlifting For Swimmers

A professional swimmer’s training routine goes beyond just practicing swimming technique and taking laps inside the pool. Many swimmers incorporate resistance training, such as weightlifting, into their weekly routine to help them develop strength and explosive power both in and out of the water. Today, I am going to show you the importance and benefits […]

The NEW Style of Backstroke Finish

A few weeks ago, World Aquatics (renamed from FINA), announced some additional verbiage being added to the Backstroke rules. This new verbiage deals specifically on what happens during a swimmer’s Backstroke Finish. With that, we decided to do a deep dive into what this means for the swimming community and how this shift may change […]

3 Keys to a Perfect Backstroke Breakout:

There’s been so MUCH talk about Backstroke this past week due to the change in rules about the Backstroke Finish, but with that – we realized we haven’t spent much time dissecting the Backstroke Breakout. Here are 3 Keys to make sure ALL your swimmers are doing as you’re practicing and perfecting Backstroke Breakouts: Let’s […]

Top 4 Swimming Myths Debunked By Experts

Swimming has countless health and mental benefits. While it appears simple, it is a low-impact, full-body workout that burns thousands of calories. For this reason, it is an excellent way to lose weight and keep in shape. Like other activities, swimming has its fair share of myths. Some are intriguing in that they have kept […]

The Trickiness about DPS & Stroke Rate

These two factors come up again and again for elite swimmers with the reason being – the best swimmers in the world MAINTAIN a GOOD Distance Per Stroke (DPS) with a FAST Stroke Rate, but how exactly do you teach that? Learning the fundamentals of how to keep the stroke LONG, while going FAST is […]

7 Vegetables That Will Help Swimmers Perform Better

Swimming is a demanding sport that requires a high level of physical fitness and endurance. It’s no secret that proper nutrition can help swimmers perform better.  Photo by Louis Hansel on UnsplashEating a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables can provide the necessary fuel for optimal performance.  We will highlight 7 vegetables […]

The Benefits of Swimming For Your Spine and Posture

Posture issues are nowadays becoming more and more common, with many of us sitting for long periods of time at desks. To improve your posture and spine health, you should consider swimming.  Swimming is a low-impact exercise that helps strengthen the muscles around the spine, reducing pain and improving mobility.   Benefits of swimming include reducing […]

How Does Swimming Help You Overcome Stress?

Stress is a part of everyday life, but when it becomes chronic, it can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health.  It can lead to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and weakened immune system. It can also cause feelings of anxiety and depression, and can […]

5 Simple Swimming Training Tips That Will Help You Enhance Your Performance

Swimming can be one of the most rewarding sports to participate in and train for. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, mastering the art of swimming takes time and dedication.  In this article, we’ll discuss five simple yet effective swimming training tips that will help enhance your performance in the pool. Read on […]

Should You Breathe MORE or LESS for Sprint Swimming Races?

I got this question as a direct message on Instagram and it sparked a huge wave of conversation in my head and I felt the best thing I could do was address is head on. We all know that when you’re in Sprint Swimming Races, the common theme is just to go as FAST as […]

Take Your Marks! Coaching Starts

Take your marks! We all can visualize hearing this familiar call-to-action as swimmers get ready to spring into the water off the blocks. What we hope to be a successful race actually begins before “Swimmers, Take Your Marks.” Starting well gives swimmers confidence and a competitive edge over the person in the lane next to […]

Is A Sea Scooter Worth Buying?

Swimming is one of the best exercises. It’s low impact and high benefit to the body. The feeling of Moving Through The Water can be described as nothing short of bliss. Though swimming (and related water activities) can be a bit tiring for some people, a Sea Scooter can make it easier to get into […]

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