5 Facts About Jack Bauerle That Might Surprise You

When I first met Jack Bauerle, I was a high school senior hoping to get recruited to swim at The University of Georgia. After my eventual commitment to swim there, Jack became my coach. I was a young swimmer with big dreams and Jack was a practiced and successful swim coach who took no-nonsense and created champions. Decades (yes you read that right) later, we are now more colleagues/friends than swimmer-coach. I even presented Jack his Lifetime Achievement Award at The College Swimming Coaches Association of America Conference back in 2023. It’s wild where life can take you. Now, Jack Bauerle and I are starting the next chapter of our relationship (keep reading to find out more). But first, let’s talk about what makes him THE Jack Bauerle.

#1: Jack Bauerle Doesn’t Believe In Typing His Workouts

That’s right, Jack believes in putting pen to paper and writing out his workouts for swimmers. He believes this personalizes the workouts and makes the swimmers buy-in more. He says it also helps him think through where his swimmers are. By physically writing a workout, your brain is more activated and clued in on what you’re programming.

Not only that, but he always includes a little something extra at the top of the workout like an interesting fact or a motivational quote. He’s a big history guy, so I learned a lot of interesting things like “JFK was killed on this day in 1963.” I remember the team always taking bets on what was going to be at the top of the day’s workout.

#2: He Believes In Looking At Weekly Training Plans

I find this fact fascinating! Jack Bauerle likes to take his training plans week by week rather than month by month. This goes hand in hand with hand-writing his workouts. Jack is a “feel” guy. He likes to observe and sense how his swimmers are responding to workouts and go from there. He has a rough season plan that he follows but he says that he doesn’t want to get blinded by what “should” be happening that day when it’s clear that the swimmers in front of him need something different. I remember walking into practice thinking we had something easy programmed only to be absolutely destroyed, or vice-versa.

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#3: Jack Bauerle Programs in 30% of Weekly Yardage LONG COURSE

Jack is one of the FEW coaches in history who has led his swimmers through both successful college seasons and international seasons (think: Olympics, Trials, World Champs, etc). Part of the reason for this is that no matter where his swimmers are at in a season, he’s always programming at least 30% of his workouts Long Course. I remember I DREADED this as an athlete, because I loved my walls! But that’s the genius of it – he doesn’t allow his athletes to become complacent in their Long Course skills. When I think Jack Bauerle, I think Long Course workouts.

Fun fact: That’s one of the reasons that Jack and Bob Bowman are good friends, because they think similarly here and train their athletes similarly too.

#4: He Gives Get Out Swims to Swimmers Who Are Swimming FAST

In my experience, most coaches give “get-out” swims to a swimmer who isn’t feeling very motivated or who isn’t swimming their best. This makes sense to use a get-out swim as a way to get them to swim for something bigger than themselves.

Jack is literally the opposite, though. He rewards swimmers who are putting in the effort and on a hot-streak. People would go LIGHTS OUT during practices and it kept us all on our toes and giving our best effort. Being picked for a get-out swim was a reward and an honor. I remember one time a female swimmer went a 1:10 100m Freestyle Kick WITH a Kickboard. Insane.

Jack Bauerle is the #1 supporter of his athletes both in and out of the pool. That’s proven by the fact that we continue to work together to this day.

#5: It Takes A LOT To Rile Jack Up

Trust me, I’ve tried. Jack Bauerle and Abbie Fish are the definition of “iron sharpens iron.” We both are strong individuals and when I get fired up, I get emotional. Jack is the opposite. Even when he’s stressed, Jack stays even-keeled. He tries his best to not allow his emotions get to his athletes, and he keeps his cards close. That’s what makes him an amazing mentor, too. He’s going to tell you what you need to hear in a way that allows you to really hear what he’s saying. That being said, he knows how to have a good time, too.

Learning from one of the greats like Jack Bauerle is a privilege. I have learned countless life and coaching lessons from him, and I know he’ll help all of the swim coaches that sign up to be mentored by him.

Until Next Time,

Abbie Fish and the Swim Like A. Fish Team

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