Why It’s Important to Have 3 Workouts Written for EVERY Swimming Practice!

Welcome back to Episode 2 of our Social Isolation Podcast! This week, I’m releasing an exclusive interview I had with Director of Swimming at Brisbane Grammar School, David Lush.

In case you missed Episode 1, click here!

During this interview, David talks about how he uses data to collect everything he can on his swimmers during a swimming practice. Plus, how he uses this data to reroute his season plan — based on how his kids are performing at swimming practice currently.

Another really cool highlight from this interview is how David discusses bringing in OTHER experts (i.e. Biomechanist, Physiologist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist), etc. to help him steer the ship as best he can.

David explains:

” I think I’ve got a handle on a lot of those niches, but at the end of the day — I’m not an expert and I haven’t mastered that skillset, so by bringing people in it creates a strong value proposition for any athlete to come into the program. I want to see myself as a captain of the ship with lots of tools in my toolbox.”

I think often coaches are hesitant to seek outside help, and would prefer to keep all coaching in-house, but there is something humbling about letting someone else (who excels at what they do) come in and bring benefit to your kids in a new and/or different way!

Watch Episode 2 below:

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