Social Isolation Podcast: 3 Swim Technique-Based Dryland Exercises

Welcome back to Episode 3 of our Social Isolation Podcast! This week, I’m sharing with you a discussion I had with Head Coach, Matt Grant, and the swimmers of Valdosta Aquatics.

If you missed episode 2, click here!

Matt approached me a few weeks ago about some talks he is giving for his swimmers to help enhance their experience and knowledge during this time. With this, I absolutely said, “Yes, I would love to give a presentation to your swimmers. I want to help as many people as I can right now.”

Back story about Matt and I is — when I was swimming at the University of Georgia, Matt was a Volunteer Assistant Coach while he was finishing up his Ph.D in Kinesiology. Since then, Matt and I have kept in touch throughout the years, as we all know the swimming world is SUPER small!

Any who, for the presentation Matt asked me to discuss some at home exercises YOUR swimmers can do to improve their technique during this time. I picked 3 main exercises that I felt like were appropriate for swimmers to use during their dryland sessions!

Speaking of Drylands, I’m running FREE DRYLAND classes for any swimmer/coach out there. To sign up, click here.

All 3 of these exercises help swimmers of all strokes. I specifically picked these exercises, because I didn’t want to leave out any swimmers who prefer or have a primary stroke!

Watch the exercises and our conversation below:

Until Next Time,

Abbie Fish

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