How Does Swimming Help You Overcome Stress?

Stress is a part of everyday life, but when it becomes chronic, it can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health.  It can lead to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and weakened immune system. It can also cause feelings of anxiety and depression, and can […]

5 Simple Swimming Training Tips That Will Help You Enhance Your Performance

Swimming can be one of the most rewarding sports to participate in and train for. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, mastering the art of swimming takes time and dedication.  In this article, we’ll discuss five simple yet effective swimming training tips that will help enhance your performance in the pool. Read on […]

Should You Breathe MORE or LESS for Sprint Swimming Races?

I got this question as a direct message on Instagram and it sparked a huge wave of conversation in my head and I felt the best thing I could do was address is head on. We all know that when you’re in Sprint Swimming Races, the common theme is just to go as FAST as […]

Take Your Marks! Coaching Starts

Take your marks! We all can visualize hearing this familiar call-to-action as swimmers get ready to spring into the water off the blocks. What we hope to be a successful race actually begins before “Swimmers, Take Your Marks.” Starting well gives swimmers confidence and a competitive edge over the person in the lane next to […]

Is A Sea Scooter Worth Buying?

Swimming is one of the best exercises. It’s low impact and high benefit to the body. The feeling of Moving Through The Water can be described as nothing short of bliss. Though swimming (and related water activities) can be a bit tiring for some people, a Sea Scooter can make it easier to get into […]

USA Swimming’s Age Group Swimming Levels Explained!

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog series dissecting the USA Swimming Competition Pyramid. In Part I of our series, we got into the weeds about the upper level of elite competition. Basically, we looked at all the USA Swimming sanctioned meets that are Sectionals and above. For Part II of this series today, we […]

The Breakout Stroke is the Strongest Pull of Any Swimming Race!

Recently I heard well known Lakeside Swim team Head Coach, Mike DeBoor, say this to his swimmers at practice and it got me thinking… Naturally we know (and can feel), the last two thirds of a Freestyle Pull is the propulsive phase in Freestyle. We always generate propulsion to move forward when an arm is […]

Why Is Dryland Training Important for Swimmers?

Why Is Dryland Training Important for Swimmers? In today’s blog you’re going to find out! Welcome back to Part III of our WHY series! Here at SLAF, we love to ask the question WHY. Understanding your WHY and understanding WHY what you’re doing matters is the fastest shortcut in the brain to getting better. We […]

3 Steps to Fast Swim Starts NOW

The past 3 months we’ve hosted a FREE webinar with the purpose of getting your swim Starts EVEN FASTER (in 30 minutes or less)! Each month, we looked at a different part of the Start in including: The Set-Up, the Arm Throw, and the Entry. These integral components build on one another and all three […]

When to Use Swim Paddles

Welcome back! Today, I woke up feeling like I needed to put some thoughts to rest and give y’all another progression on when it’s appropriate to start using swim paddles. We wrote a blog not too long ago about pull buoys and when it was appropriate for swimmers to start using those, so let’s dissect […]

Why Do You Need a Swim Buoy for Open Water Swimming?

Not many experiences can rival open-water swimming. It’s just you and endless horizons of water and fresh air. Unless you participate in a triathlon, there will be no crowd. Therefore, it is an activity that will not only allow you to spend all the calories you consume throughout the day, but you can also have […]

Open Water Swimming Safety: What are the Essential Items?

Open water swimming is one of the most interesting disciplines when discussing water sports. As with any other discipline, it has its string of challenges. However, when you compare it to some other similar disciplines, that list is significantly longer. Athletes must endure numerous challenges, like underwater obstacles, waves, low temperatures, undertows, and drop-offs. Awareness […]