Why SOLID Breaststroke Pullouts are Prerequisites For Crossover Turns

There is SO MUCH DISCUSSION on Crossover Turns: when to teach them, which athletes they’re most appropriate for, best drills for teaching them – but one key aspect that’s often overlooked are swimmers’ Breaststroke Pullouts proficiency before learning this turn! Even though, we just launched our Crossover Turn Course doesn’t mean that this turn needs […]

Your Freestyle Flipturn Should Be Winning Your Race

The reality is that many races are won and lost on the walls. Yet, the intimidation of the Freestyle Flipturn causes many swimmers to focus on other parts of their race. Breaking down the Flipturn into 3 parts can help. When it comes down to it, a swimmer needs to carry their speed into the […]

Why the Backstroke Flags MATTER for Freestyle Races!

Welcome back! In today’s blog, we are going to dissect why I believe the Backstroke Flags MATTER for Freestyle Races. The Backstroke Flags are also important for Open Turns and my goal by the end of this post is to help you understand why! Let’s get started! What are the Backstroke Flags? The Backstroke Flags […]

The 5 Things I Learned from Gregg Troy

Recently, I got back from home from running a swim camp up in Alaska with Gregg Troy. It was an action packed week, that including a beautiful 3-day swim camp for local and visiting swimmers in Seward, Alaska. The camp was hosted and put on by the Seward Tsunami Swim Club who is the home […]

Want to Install a Pool? Ask These Questions First

Do you have dreams of luxuriating next to a backyard pool? Millions of homeowners have the same dream, but not all act on it. Why? There are numerous reasons, most of which are related to poor planning, procrastination, and not knowing which questions to truly ask. These days, installing a private pool in your backyard […]

How to Do a Backstroke Flipturn?

Welcome back to our series on Backstroke Flipturns! This will be the start of a new multi-series on Backstroke Flipturns. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss some history on the Backstroke Flipturn and how to best setup & execute this turn! Let’s get started! In 1991, the rulebook changed for Backstroke in many […]

Is Your Competitive Swimmer Not Dropping Time? Here’s 4 Steps On What To Do

Abbie from Swim Like A. Fish talking to another swim coach.

When I was a competitive swimmer, I went through entire seasons without dropping any time. It was frustrating and disheartening. I put my all into every season, and I didn’t know how to cope when things didn’t go my way. Swimming can be an unforgiving, and a very honest sport. By giving it your all, […]

Why You Should NEVER Swim with a Gallop Freestyle Stroke!

swimmer breathing during freestyle swimming

Welcome Back! In today’s blog post, we are going to be discussing the ever trendy (and fairly common) Gallop Freestyle Stroke – including its’ pros and cons. When Katie Ledecky came onto the scene, she was infamous for bringing attention to the Gallop Freestyle Stroke and it changed the way a lot of coaches were […]

Olympic Weightlifting For Swimmers

A professional swimmer’s training routine goes beyond just practicing swimming technique and taking laps inside the pool. Many swimmers incorporate resistance training, such as weightlifting, into their weekly routine to help them develop strength and explosive power both in and out of the water. Today, I am going to show you the importance and benefits […]

The NEW Style of Backstroke Finish

A few weeks ago, World Aquatics (renamed from FINA), announced some additional verbiage being added to the Backstroke rules. This new verbiage deals specifically on what happens during a swimmer’s Backstroke Finish. With that, we decided to do a deep dive into what this means for the swimming community and how this shift may change […]

3 Keys to a Perfect Backstroke Breakout:

There’s been so MUCH talk about Backstroke this past week due to the change in rules about the Backstroke Finish, but with that – we realized we haven’t spent much time dissecting the Backstroke Breakout. Here are 3 Keys to make sure ALL your swimmers are doing as you’re practicing and perfecting Backstroke Breakouts: Let’s […]

Top 4 Swimming Myths Debunked By Experts

Swimming has countless health and mental benefits. While it appears simple, it is a low-impact, full-body workout that burns thousands of calories. For this reason, it is an excellent way to lose weight and keep in shape. Like other activities, swimming has its fair share of myths. Some are intriguing in that they have kept […]