Ep. 5: Why are Dryland Workouts for Swimmers SO Important?

Ep. 5: Why are Dryland Workouts for Swimmers SO Important?

Welcome back to Episode 5 of our Social Isolation Podcast. This week, our podcast is broken up into 3 videos. The first video is specifically focusing on the importance of dryland workouts for swimmers and how Harlee Elite’s Head Coach, Alex Clarke, incorporates dryland with his swimmers during their regular training cycle. The second video discusses the layout of Australian swimming and how swimmers grow through their programs. The last video is a light, tabletop talk between Alex and I discussing the swim coaching lifestyle, how to balance parents, and more!

One of my favorite quotes from Coach Alex is his swimmers never get wet, dry. Who else believes in the importance of Dryland workouts for swimmers?

Watch Part I below:

Part 2:

Part 3:

To watch any previous episodes, click here. Otherwise, stay safe and healthy!


Abbie Fish

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