The Greatest Rivalry that NEVER Happened: Michael Phelps SWIMMING Ian Thorpe!

All, welcome back to Episode 4 of the Social Isolation Podcast. This week, we are back with Nate Knopf talking about the GREATEST Rivalry that never happened (aka Michael Phelps SWIMMING Ian Thorpe)!

And yes, for you swimming nerds out there– we are aware of one race, where both men took the stage in the 2004 Olympic Games Final of the Men’s 200 Free. In this episode, we are extrapolating on whether if Ian was at his peak during Michael’s time — who would be on top?

Do you think it would have been possible for Michael to win all 8 gold medals if Ian was at his peak and competing? Also, what type of impact did these 2 men have on their home country and its’ swimming? And lastly, what’s the most impressive: 8 gold medals in one Olympics OR a World Record in the 200, 400, and 800 Free?

Watch this episode below:

Abbie Fish

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