At the 2016 Olympics, Singapore’s Joesph Schooling beat out legendary, Michael Phelps, in an epic 100m Butterfly Final. As expected this was a HUGE upset to USA Fans (even though Schooling technically lived and trained in the US).

Watch the 100m Fly Final Here:

I had always wondered if Joesph winning gold ‘sparked’ any change in swimming in Singapore–as there is a BEAUTIFUL facility, and great support staff for their National Team swimmers there. Luckily when I traveled overseas to Singapore, I got to sit down with Marcus Cheah (Assistant Coach of Singapore’s National Team) and ask exactly that…

What is the ‘Schooling’ Effect?

It’s obvious after each Olympics there is a spark in USA Swimming memberships. USA Swimming has tracked this after each quadrennial. But it is amazing to see other swimmers in other areas of the world realize their dreams can come true too–no matter where they are based.

That’s what I love about my business: Swim Like A. Fish–is I can coach swimmers no matter where they live and help elevate the sport to a higher level through the power of the internet.

Oh, technology–you’re a beautiful thing!

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Abbie Fish

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