Want to Install a Pool? Ask These Questions First

Do you have dreams of luxuriating next to a backyard pool? Millions of homeowners have the same dream, but not all act on it. Why? There are numerous reasons, most of which are related to poor planning, procrastination, and not knowing which questions to truly ask. These days, installing a private pool in your backyard is easier and less costly than ever. However, without a detailed plan, it’s hard to make the dream to install a pool a reality.

What should people find out before getting a pool? The process is fully logical and begins with a simple inquiry of do you need a swimming pool? From that point, and after some serious introspection, it’s time to move on to more practical matters like: money, the kind of unit to install, whether to get a basic or extravagant model, what other components are needed, whether your home’s value and selling price will increase, and how to find a trustworthy contractor. That’s a lot to think about, so just take it one point at a time. Use the points below to get the ball rolling.

Do I Need a Swimming Pool?

Some are in love with the idea of having a place to swim but don’t think the idea through. Pools can be a great idea for most homeowners. Some should put the idea off until later. That group includes individuals who have other pressing financial obligations don’t have time to enjoy the water, or don’t really like to swim very much in the first place. Spend time pondering the idea and imagining what it might be like to have a backyard swimming spot for yourself, family members, and guests.

Will We Need to Borrow?

Couples who decide to go ahead with the plan of installing either an above-ground or in-ground model should develop a budget for the project from day one. Be as detailed as possible, and consider that most take out personal loans to handle a portion or all costs of installation. Taking out a loan for a home improvement of any kind, a wedding, or a vacation can be a money savvy way to spread out a large expense over several years.

Another advantage of a loan is that it prevents you from having to dip into savings accounts, college funds, or retirement nest eggs. Whenever short-term aims call for a quick infusion of capital, borrowing can be an efficient technique for getting the job done. The way to begin is to review a comprehensive guide that discusses all the pertinent facts about personal loans. That way, you’ll have the relevant information on your side before creating a budget or filling out a loan application.

Should I Choose Above Ground or Traditional?

For most individuals, the first point of departure is deciding whether they prefer an above-ground or in-ground model. There are pros and cons to each scenario. In some geographic areas, that decision is made for them because in-ground is not an option. Above-ground units tend to cost about half of in-ground ones, are fully portable, can work in almost any yard, and are less costly to maintain.

What Else is Needed?

There are many swimming myths out there which leads to many neglecting to consider peripheral devices and amenities, like small cabanas, hot tubs, decks, lounge chairs, safety equipment, seasonal covers, and more. Depending on how large the surface area is and other factors, it’s easy to spend quite a bit on extras. Be sure to include the cost of all items in your initial budget, especially if you plan to borrow. No one likes last-minute financial surprises that can cost hundreds of dollars.

What’s the Potential for Increasing My Home’s Value & Selling Price?

A pool’s potential to boost your potential selling price and market value should be part of the decision-making process. In general, the addition can add about 5% to the typical price tag of a for-sale home. But there’s another factor that is hard to measure in dollars, and that is the comfort value you get by adding a major amenity to your living space. Plus, homeowners in certain markets are more focused on selling quickly and having a pool can bring prospective buyers into the picture. For a fast sale, a better price, and a more comfortable home, a pool’s power is hard to overestimate.

What’s the Best Way to Find a Reliable Contractor?

Ask friends for referrals and do your own research to locate a reliable, licensed, reputable contractor. Don’t jump for the lowest bid. Instead, be meticulous about the selection process and hire a local professional. Get at least three quotes, and don’t be in a rush to sign a contract.

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