Freestyle Analysis: Olympic Hopeful–Logan Storie

Ever wondered what kind of advice Coach Abbie would have for an Ex-Division I Swimmer (University of Florida Graduate), Olympic Trials Qualifier, and current WR Holder? Check out Abbie’s [Freestyle Analysis] of Olympic Hopeful, Logan Storie’s Freestyle below–for FREE!

In this stroke analysis, Coach Abbie breaks down National Team Pentathlete, Logan Storie’s Freestyle. Within this video, Abbie dissects 2 technical aspects of Logan’s Freestyle stroke that he does really well. Then, Abbie finishes the video with 2 technical aspects of Logan’s Freestyle stroke that he can improve on. In hopes that together, we can get his stroke more efficient and get him qualified for the 2020 Olympic Pentathlon team!

If you or anyone you know is interested in having their stroke analyzed, tell them to check out our packages at! There’s no doubt that every swimmer can benefit from video analysis feedback. To better understand why video analysis is so important from a technical perspective, check out my blog post about it here!

Also, here’s a testimonial from a master’s swimmer that recently purchased the “Advanced” video analysis package through Swim Like A. Fish:

“As a masters swimmer and swim instructor I’ve had my stroke analyzed before but Abbie’s recent video analysis raised the bar well beyond my expectations! I had no idea that this level of detail and expert analysis was available to all swimmers, not just those in the elite ranks. Abbie’s analysis included; identifying technique errors, ways to fix these errors, complete race metrics and suggestions on how to prioritize the takeaways. Race metrics were new to me and I will definitely use this new information to improve my race strategy. Abbie even created a hypothetical future race with a few data points changed to reflect improvement in the areas I’ll be focusing on. Talk about a great goal setting tool and motivator!” –Richard Searle

To follow Logan on his journey to the Olympic podium, be sure to connect with him on his social networks:




Happy Watching!

-Abbie Fish

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