Swim Coach’s Guide to Social Media

Throughout quarantine, I’ve realized there are TONS of swim coaches out there looking to better understand social media. I’ve had tons of coaches reach out to me to help them learn how to better connect with their swimmers and promote their team through the online realm.

While this type of work environment is nothing new to me, I recognized that I was in this unique position where I could help others at this time and even started with writing a blog called: 5 MUST HAVE’s for EVERY Swim Coach during Quarantine, and coaches ate it up!

My goal at Swim Like A. Fish is to help ALL swimmers and coaches. Even after publishing this blog, I knew there was something else I could do. And bam, it dawned on me. I needed to create the FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDE for Swim Coaches on how to navigate the world of social media. What seems so normal and fluid to me is BRAND NEW territory for others and that can be scary — no matter what it is.

The Swim Coach’s Social Media Guide:

In this eBook, you will learn the fundamentals of social media and also — how I gained over 100,000 followers on my social media channels by the age of 30. While I do think that is cool to say, my favorite part about my personal journey is the fact I did 80% of that myself — as a one man team.

My Channels:



Also, you learn the steps to creating your social media publishing schedule — so you’ll be off to the races after this!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do social media, well. I don’t consider myself one, but you do need to be organized — which I why I created this guide.

It’s very important that whatever you publish online is in harmony with your team/brand — even if it’s still in infancy.

You can also use this guide if you are a swimmer and/or someone who just wants to build their brand through the internet. The same principles apply no matter what niche you are in. Enjoy!

Download the guide below:

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  1. Hi there! I’m excited about your free ebook on social media for swim coaches. But I entered my information and it acted like it was downloading but then didn’t so I entered it again and it said that I already entered it. In other words I didn’t get the download yet. Can you help me? Thanks

    1. Hey Deni — I apologize on the delay. Did you get this figured out yet? I will email you now.

    1. Hey Duncan,

      The download will be sent to your email — it won’t show up on the browser! So check the email inbox you registered with (including the spam mail) and it should be there. If not, email me [email protected]!

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