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There’s LOADS and LOADS of blogs out there describing the BEST dryland exercises for swimmers. You could almost spend hours, if not days searching through the web on resistance band exercises, dryland training tools, and fitness tips for swimmers stuck in quarantine at this time — but, what most of these blogs are missing is what EQUIPMENT is actually crucial for swimmers to get in effective dryland training.

Depending on where you start, one of the biggest things with dryland training is to make sure you aren’t over-stressing your swimmers. With that being said, you want to make sure you aren’t adding *too much* external weight to a swimmer — especially if they have never done any weight training before. You should that when stepping into the gym, you’ll be bombarded with nutritional supplements to help enhance your workout. There is a lot of debate on whether any of these supplements actually help swimmers, but there is one that is banned and absolutely unsafe for swimmers called DMAA.

That’s why resistance bands are key. With resistance bands, you can get all sorts of resistance levels — which allows a swimmer to work up to heavier bands without needing multiple sets of dumbbells throughout their house.

Crossover Symmetry:

My favorite kind of resistance bands are ones created by Crossover Symmetry. Crossover offers 7 different types of resistance bands ranging from 3lbs to 40lbs. This may not seem super atypical from other resistance bands, but the setup that comes with Crossover Symmetry is second to none.

We’ve all been there when you’ve attached a regular resistance bands to a door knob or the inside of a door — thinking it was closed, and the band itself comes flying back at you.

With Crossover Symmetry, you don’t have to worry about that as they have created a door belt for your cord system that allows your cords to be connected to a door through their belts.

Periodized Programs for YOU!

On top of that, Crossover Symmetry includes 3 step-by-step programs to help you improve your shoulder health. Included with each program is the prescribed sets, type of band, and exercises you should do to improve your shoulder health. They also do this same thing for the hip & core bands too!

Overall, I’m a big fan of Crossover Symmetry — which is a MAJOR reason they are partners of ours. I don’t promote any products I don’t believe in. I’ve been using their bands for my own shoulder health over the past 4 years, and they are big piece in my free dryland classes for swimmers that I run out of my home everyday.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness and/or stay ahead during this time in quarantine, you definitely should consider purchasing a pair of Crossover Symmetry bands. Best part yet, I have a promo code: SwimLikeA.Fish that if you use it at check out– you’ll receive 15% OFF your purchase! You won’t regret it!

Also if you haven’t registered yet for our FREE Dryland classes, do so here. I’d love to have you!

Until Next Time,

Abbie Fish

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