Your Swimming Education Just Leveled-Up

Hello Swim Like A Fish Community! We’re here to talk about a VERY exciting product launch that aims to CHANGE THE FACE of how we level up your Swimming Education (to learn as BOTH swimmers and swim coaches).

Let’s Get Started:

How This Idea About Swimming Education Got Started

I’ve always felt it was my life’s mission to help as many swimmers and swim coaches as possible. But even though I derive a lot of pride from teaching Swim Technique to those around me, in the summer of 2020, I realized that helping people individually was causing me to fall short of my purpose.

I was in a lesson talking with a swimmer about his breaststroke kick (which makes up 80% of a swimmer’s propulsion), and it hit me: I was going about teaching in the wrong way. As much as I love working 1-on-1 with swimmers and with coaches, we all know that time is a precious resource. I spend my days on planes and in cars, going from one clinic or lesson or speech to another, and all the while trying to write blogs, answer questions from my phone, and STILL NOT BEING ABLE TO REACH ALL THE PEOPLE THAT NEED THIS CRUCIAL SWIM TECHNIQUE INFORMATION.

And I’m not going to lie… that realization devastated me. I spent WEEKS thinking on it. How do I fix this problem? How do I help the swimming world to go faster and to get better?

And then, I got an idea… 💡

Your Swimming Education is the most important thing in the world to me.

Introducing: Coaching Technique Courses and Swimmer Training Plans

The answer seemed obvious. In the face of 2020, EVERYTHING moved online temporarily. But what if it wasn’t temporary? When I launched Swim Like A Fish back in 2019, I meant it to be a virtual company. Why couldn’t I apply that same logic to teaching the world about Swim Technique?

1.5 years and a lot of sweat equity later, these courses are now a reality. As of January 1st, 2022, Coaches can officially invest in themselves and their swimmers by taking a course on EACH INDIVIDUAL STROKE. On the same day, Swimmers can officially up their swimming education by purchasing a 90-day training plan, also on each individual stroke.

How It Works

Both the coaching-specific courses and the swimmer-specific plans get you information on stroke-specific technique FOR LIFE. With dozens of uploaded videos placed carefully into each module, the information you get will help you to both WIDEN and DEEPEN your knowledge base of each stroke. No matter what level of swimming education you currently have, these courses will help fix problems for you.

One of the great things about this format is that there is no rush. You can learn at your own pace, and you can watch the videos AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. That means you can rewind, speed-up, replay or revisit any section that you need more time to fully digest. This is invaluable, because as every coach knows, everyone learns differently!

Our Coaching Technique Courses Transform Swimming Education

The Coaching Technique Courses are divided into 3 main sections: Kick, Pull, and Rotation or Undulation. Each section has videos that give overviews for each component of the stroke, as well as videos on the nitty-gritty technical details that are oftentimes missed. Oh, and there’s access to lots of video analysis videos to give you examples of exactly what we’re talking about.

There is SO MUCH to keep up with as a coach, so we kept up with it all for you. At the end of each section, there are quizzes to check for comprehension and understanding. At the end of the course, there is a final exam. That means you will be able to say that you passed these courses and have that on your resume!

Our Swimmer Training Plans Get You Better

The Swimmer Training Plans are structured slightly differently than the coaching courses in order to make more sense to the swimmer. With 5 Modules and a Course Intro built into a 90 Day Plan, the course is written to give each swimmer “chapters” in their brain so that they can mentally flip to the correct page during practice when they’re working on something specific. The Modules are: Body Alignment, Kick, Rotation or Undulation, Pull and Tempo.

Click Here for more information!


Just like that, these courses are officially launched and on the website! If you have any questions, please drop them below. In the meantime, we’ll keep working away behind the scenes to realize the mission of Swim Like A Fish and to help YOU become the best swimmer or swim coach you can be.

Until next time,

Abbie Fish and the Swim Like A Fish Team

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