7. Short Finish (T-Rex Arm)

Video Transcription: So I picked this video to discuss T-Rex arms. I thought this video was a great way for y’all to see what a true, intense T-Rex arm looks like. Not knowing what your count is into the wall can lead to such an array of problems. He’s coming into the wall. He’s got one stroke. He’s got two strokes. He’s got three. Then this little stroke doesn’t even really get into the water before he already realizes if I pull on this right arm stroke, I will literally run myself into the wall. Now he’s starting to Flip. And this is a very strange way to initiate a Flip Turn with your arm basically up in its Catch. As he goes through, he drops, and then drops the arm down to meet the opposite arm to get through the rest of that Flip. So, this is like a very extreme example of a true T-Rex arm. This one would obviously be a little bit easier to see above the surface, but the overall effect of this T-Rex arm, you wouldn’t be able to tell this as much unless you saw it on underwater video. It contorts so many other things within his Flip Turn.