11. Eyes Up Approach

Video Transcription: So And then last and final video, we’ve got for y’alls kind of a cool view. This is a girl swimming in towards us. If you have a camera that you’re filming someone not just from the side, but straight in front, you obviously do not want to see eyeballs. You don’t want to see goggles. That will show that they’ve picked their head up way too much. You see how she’s looking down, her head’s down here and then suddenly, we see a ton of goggles. Eyes are coming forward. She’s basically coming straight at the camera, and you can see how there’s that big separation between chin and chest. Instead of closing which is going to happen when she gets into that ball to do a Flip Turn, she Opens herself up, right before she needs to close. It’s just a little bit more distance and a little bit more time to get to the same spot. So yeah, she slows down a little bit into that wall, but does a nice job of getting through both of her pulls before she initiates that drop down with the head.