8. Kicking Into the Flip

Video Transcription: So For this example, on Turns, one of the reasons I kept him in here, is he doesn’t do a great job of continuing his kick into the wall. So, as you can see, he’ll be coming into the wall with a solid amount of water bubbles trailing him. There’s a bunch of bubbles, bunch of Bubbles, and all the sudden there. It’s just a stop in water bubbles. This is common with age groupers. You’ll see age groupers kicking into the wall and then they’ll pause and there’s almost like the initiation of a dolphin kick to get the feet to start Flipping over their head. That dolphin kick itself can get larger as they grow older. There is a debate between whether this Dolphin Kick is helpful. Um, I don’t per se love it because I think it’s trying to generate momentum and use strength from your legs versus your Core to tuck the body in. 

To slow it down, you can see the Freestyle Kick and then you can see a pause in the legs and now you’re going to see a little knee Bend followed by Flex of the feet and then a kick down right at the very end there to kind of help him kick his head down and get his feet over. Keep a look out for this as well on Approaches, especially if you have Swimmers that are noticeably dropping their legs and dropping their kick as their Approaching into the wall. They lose the speed that they were generating. Therefore, they do something else to generate that speed, which is technically not legal, but it’s also hard to tell when you’re just above the surface.