6. Approach Drill

Video Transcription: Some of my favorite drills to work on Flip Turns are just kicking into the wall drills. The first one you do; you can kick on your side just as you would flutter kick on your side and then Flip whatever arm is on the bottom have that go through a pull. Then the top arm goes through recovery, then a pull, and then you go into your Flip Turn. It helps this Swimmer learn how to use the last two strokes and finish both, so their hands are straight at their side before they go into their Flip. You can back this up a little bit too. You can do a two-arm Turn which I don’t always love, but if you are struggling to learn how to Flip and get comfortable with a Somersault, this is a great way to isolate the arms. A Swimmer just uses their body to kick themselves into the wall. You can do it like this where she has her hands up over her head. And you can also kick into the wall with your hands at your side with kickboards. That’s another great drill to come into the wall holding the kick boards palm facing down and then push off the wall with the kick boards Palm facing up. It teaches the same thing not to use your arms to initiate a Flip, but that use the core and the body itself to initiate that Flip Turn.