Arm Setup

Video Transcription: As far as the arm set up is concerned between both the track start and a grab start you’re gonna have all 10 fingers curled around the front of the block. The goal is to have the thumb curled there too. The thumb out of all your fingers is the strongest finger. So when I used to start I used to actually start and like leave my thumb on the Block and then have my fingers curled around the front. The reality is that helps you pull your body Down towards the Block surface, not get your body to go out, off of the Block. Elbows are all so very important. Elbows should be squeezed in towards your side, similar to like if you were doing a alligator push-ups. They’re not you’re not your traditional push-ups, where your elbows are in line with your shoulders. Your elbows should be squeezed in towards your spine and you want them pointing backwards towards your feet. Another way to say this is to have the elbow pit. The part of the Elbow that bends towards the front or where you’re trying to go. And the goal is for a neutral spine alignment.