Start Analysis: Mitch

Video Transcription: This one I put in for a specific reason too. I call this one like a kind of like a turtle shell. Um, so this is our strength and conditioning coach Mitch. Mitch is a retired NCAA Swimmer. He swam in college. He’s a Breaststroker. He’s awesome! But one thing about his start setup that I really saw very quickly is that he loves to push his elbows directly towards each other. So what that does it creates this weird hump on his back, which I call a turtle shell. Um, Which gives in this position where he just looks almost like a ball as he’s on the block from this angle. So he needs to rotate his elbows, so they’re facing backwards versus facing out because you can kind of see here as he engages through those arms to start pulling himself forward. He knows he needs to pull forward versus down. So his elbow is actually rotate backwards where they should have been originally. So this position is a very different looking position. Than that position. And it’s super common with younger kids to want to be on the Block and bring their chest down and bring their elbows up because it feels like they’re really engaging their chest down to the Block. And it feels to them, a very solid position, but you’ve got to teach a Swimmer how to take the elbows from the side and bring them to facing the back.