Start Analysis: Sam

Video Transcription: So he, opposite of Mitch. This is Sam, has a very different elbow direction. So once again, here’s Mitch’s are facing out. Here’s Sam’s that are facing backwards. I put Sam in here specifically because he’s gotten pretty much everything correct on his start setup. The only thing I don’t like is his eyes are facing a little bit too far forward. So as his diagonal looks good, but you can see how the head is too far up. But as far as the stance is concerned, he’s got a 90 degree bend here. He’s got a separation between his feet. He’s got separation between his knees. He got his elbows facing backwards. He’s got his fingertips over the block. His start is pretty solid for a kid his age. He’s young, but very tall that he’s getting himself into and through a nice entry point out in the front.

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