The 4 Requirements of a Great Start Setup

Video Transcription: So summarize the four requirements for a great start setup. One I always recommend a track start just because it is the one that is going to get you the furthest and also be the most consistent. Two you’ve got to decide where you’re going to load your weight. So with the Track Start you have options Grab Starts. You don’t you can either load your weight forward like a Grab Start or you can load your weight backwards your choice there. Once again that choice is based off of your goals. I’m a big advocate of a Track Start, with a backwards weight setup. What that does is it creates a slower reaction time, but it gives a swimmer a little bit more time to focus on their entry, I find that even the reaction time kind of giving that up a little bit, but having a better breakout is the best of that balance. Versus trying to be too quick, not having a great entry, slower through your breakout, that maybe you beat the person that’s taking a little bit longer off the Blocks, but you end up at 15 meters either a little bit behind or somewhat close to them. Third place, our third spot is lock elbows in and make the elbow pits face forward. And the last one is find the placement of the wedge. Your hips should stay higher than your hands. So visibly you should be able to draw a line, see a line from hips all the way down to hands.