Categorizing Styles of Starts

Video Transcription: There’s so many different styles of starts and so many different ways you could set up on the Block, that I rounded this with saying that there’s two different styles of primary setups. There’s three different ways that you can shift your weight and there’s also five different ways. You can throw your arms. So if you combine all those different styles you can get about 30 different starting styles. 

And I’m sure as a coach most of y’all have seen very different starts from your Swimmers. Sometimes you get Swimmers that just do that really traditional one where they throw the hands forward and then are throwing hands backward to throw the hands forward. And then other ones you’ll get Swimmers that come in and do a Butterfly Start. You’ll get other Swimmers that don’t even use their arms at all. Like there’s just so many different variations to start that it’s really hard to say like this is the ideal starting style or this is what this kid should be doing at this age. But my goal is to try to categorize them as best I can through the variety that we see. So let’s kind of go into that a bit.