Start Analysis: Katie

Video Transcription: So if we look at her setup, obviously, we’ve got those four things one. She’s already in a Track stance. That’s awesome. As far as how the weight is shifted. You can’t really tell how she shifts her weight. until you look at what happens after you hear Take Your Mark. And so as we’re seeing here, as she’s leaning backwards, she’s actually leaning away from where she wants to go which makes this start set up a backwards loaded Start. From there you can see elbows, right? She is not someone who is bending her elbows at all on the Block. This could be something that she could Implement to be able to get a little bit more contraction for her Biceps in her Triceps before she explodes off the Block. You can see at the very end, she’s starting to jump. So her legs are starting to engage and then her elbows are starting to bend. She could actually have her elbows bent sooner before the knees start to push or open so that way she gets just a little bit more contraction from the arms. From there though and overall like as far as where the wedges is and in relation from bum to head, she’s got a really nice diagonal line. She can maybe lower head just a little bit more, but overall, this is Katie. She’s got a really nice start. It’s really pretty, entry is really beautiful. This is for just practicing some starts at a lesson. She is a very high quality, solid Starter.