Feet Setup

Video Transcription: How do you set up exactly for each style of Start? Well, the irony in this is actually the exact same step setup. It doesn’t matter which style you use. So it’s just depending on where your legs are. So if you have the track stance, you’re obviously gonna be split legged, dominant forward and the back foot will be on the back foot plate. The footplate or the wedge – really the distance of that should be at a place where when you’re bent over and you’re taking your mark, you have about a 90 degree bend in the back knee. You want it 90 degrees or less, which is sharper. You don’t ever want it to be larger than 90 degrees. The feet should be about hip width distance apart. You want about two fist distance between the front foot and the back foot. So overall you’re in a very stable position.

So one of the ways I get my Swimmers to feel comfortable on the Block and also comfortable in how they’re standing on the Block, is to have them go through all these cues: find the 90 degree bend in the knee, look for the two fist distance between front and the back foot, make sure feet are shoulder width distance apart while they’re leaning over, and then stand up. If they can’t stand up that means that they’re set up is unstable. And if it’s unstable. You’re not going to get a good jump, which is exactly what’s going to happen after they hear the beep. So the reality is if your swimmer can’t stand up on the Block, if their balance is bad, or their feet are out of alignment, or they’re too close together, they’re gonna start, you know, Getting a little bit unstable. And from there you’re gonna have to shift some things around so they can find a better position for themselves to be in.