Start Analysis: Feet Too WIDE

Video Transcription: This setup has one distinct thing. That’s very wrong with it. There’s also plenty of good things. She’s definitely got feet separated. She’s got her back heel up. Her elbows are facing in, but the biggest issue with her setup is actually the width of her feet. This looks more like a lunge stance. And as I said at the very beginning of the presentation, it’s too far back. Comparatively to Kaylee’s stance, which looks like this. Okay. This is much closer than that. Okay. Although the further back you are you could argue a little bit more stability comes through. It’s going to take her longer to get this back foot higher, which is what we’ll talk about in part two of the series so she can have a better point of entry.

So the reality is this stance is actually too wide of a stance. You can see here, even the notches on this Block, the wedge can’t even go this far back. So the wedge would force her forward if there was even a wedge on the Block to begin with which would give her a better stance. But because it’s not, she’s went all the way back to the back of that Block and it’s just way too wide of a leg setup.