Track Vs. Grab Starts

Video Transcription: We’ve got got Two. We’ve got the Grab Start and we’ve got the Track Start. Obviously, the Grab Start is a start that has been around for a long time. But it’s also not the style of start that we see a lot from anymore. So Grab Start is this picture up here. Biggest difference between Grab Start and bottom Track Start is how the feet are placed. So on a Grab Start he got both feet at the top of the Block You’ve got the Body really leaning forward. You can physically see how I bring my cursor straight up from that point of that block. Most of his weight is actually in front of the Block. So there are pros and cons to both of these Starting styles Grab Starts in Track Starts. We’ll go into a little bit more on the forces and the Power production in a later slide. Um, but the reality is is in Grab Start is actually Faster reaction compared to a Track Start just because it Tracks Start you can load in many different ways. But if you look at this guy’s weight shift where he’s shifted his weight. He shifted his weight way in Front of his Block which allows him to get into the water faster. So All ten toes are curl over the Block. All ten fingers are curled over the Block. This guy is like engaged. He has all his muscles ready to go.

As far as a Track Start is concerned Track Starts came around because of literally track and field. How a track runner staggers their feet and they also have the place to set their feet in is very similar to what we started doing on the Block. It’s kind of similar to a lunge stance, but it’s a lot smaller in width and yeah in general your your legs are not so far away from each other and the goal of this style of stance is to make sure that you’re dominant foot is forward and then the back foot is placed either back behind the block with the heel up or on a wedge if you have the opportunity to actually train on blocks that have wedges.