Start Analysis: Kaylee

Video Transcription: As far as Kaylee’s setup is concerned. Um, it’s pretty darn good. Okay, we’ve got not quite an elbow bend going on there. But you do see big distance between front foot and back foot. We’ve got our heel up from this wedge, which is awesome. We’ve got a little bit sharper of a 90 degree Bend overall. It’s a pretty solid setup. From there, arms in wrong entry position is what someone in the chat, so yeah, I mean definitely she could under elbows more her elbow pits are facing in. Towards her knees versus facing out towards where she wants to go.

One of the things that I was trying to get y’all to see is the difference, which a lot of younger kids do this. When they are getting used to having their feet being in a starting Track Stance, once they get into the air. If their feet don’t find each other very quickly, which has to do with the setup and their comfortability on the Block. You’re gonna see some weird things happen with the feet mid air. Kaylee’s left foot is her back foot. See how it flies up, which is actually good thing, but her right foot hasn’t really moved and then they crisscross. It causes this weird unevenness in her feet as she goes into her entry. So the reason I included this on the Block is this is a very common issue with Age Group Swimmers is a lot of times they’re not stable here without their arms being down. That’s is why I like to use can you stand up right now with your feet like this because your knees are actually too narrow. This knee is actually facing into the armpit of that knee. She’d be unstable if she stood up and you can see that because the reaction to that is when they’re finally the air, her legs have no idea where the other one is. So let me play back a few more times. See y’all can see what I’m talking about. You can kind of see that weird kick in the air. Cool.