Start Setup Analysis

Video Transcription: So for this picture down here, there’s a few good things that this girl is doing. There’s also a few not so good things. So as far as the good things are concerned, she’s got all ten fingers wrapped over the front of the block. She’s got her elbows facing her feet, which is good. Her elbow pits are facing forward. And she’s got a little bit sharper of a 90 degree knee bend. To me. She actually looks a little bit too crunched up on this Block and that’s why I drew this red line because the goal for me when I’m coaching someone to a better Start is to look for this diagonal and where is their body in relation to the diagonal? So the hips should be closer to the top of this diagonal and the head is right in line with that Line. The reason that is is because obviously we want to be in a Power stance. We want to be almost in a in a squat not a deep squat but enough to be able to get ourselves into a good jump. So you’ve got to have glutes engaged, hamstrings, quads, all those ready to go. If you’re too hunched down, it’s like trying to jump up for a basketball Rebound with your bum being too close to the ground. So for her, there’s like that point of no return with this bell curve. You want to be in a totally optimized position to get a nice explosive jump, but if you over bend the knee and you make that angle too sharp, you’re not gonna get as good of a jump. So you gotta find the middle of this bell curve and for her, I just think she looks too close. I mean that front knee is basically touching the elbow over front arm and I think she definitely could benefit from moving that wedge backwards one or two notches. And then also trying to unbend this knee more still staying in the same position. So her bum is actually way above her head and she gets way closer to that diagonal line, then she currently is.